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Every Summer in July Caussade France hold a hat festival called "Estivales Du Chapeau" Caussade has a long history of hatmaking and at one point employed up to 1000 people in the town.

Caussade celebrate their longevity within the hat industry and invite Milliners from around the globe to meet in the town centre for 5 days to show off their work. It is an opportunity to talk and exchange experiences with like minded people. 

The festival has a closing night show whereby all the participating milliners can enter into various categorised competitions. 

Joanne & I entered our "Lanza" headpiece into the General Category. To our delight she won 1st prize not only in the "General" section but she also won "Best Overall Hat" in the competition sponsored by "The Hat Magazine"

We were delighted and honoured to have taken part in this most enjoyable event and look forward to going next year !!!!!